Mesotherapy for Hair in Bangalore


Dreaming of big and healthy hair is meant for everyone giving them a natural grace. But sometimes, for some reason, one cannot fulfill the dream of long and strong hair. In such situations, many have heard about the hair treatment called mesotherapy, one of the best solutions for hair problems like excessive hair loss, dry hair, Dandruff, heavy hair loss in the basal area, etc.

Mesotherapy has gained a lot of publicity over the media and the internet about the potential benefits of androgenetic alopecia. So, this article will talk about regrowing hair and preventing extreme hair fall or hair loss with mesotherapy.

What is Mesotherapy for Hair?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure where doctors treat the scalp with harmless medications to inject into the skin with injections. These involve vitamins, minerals like Iodine, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, etc., amino acids cocktails, and surface expanders that boost hair growth. The primary intent of this treatment is to nurture the hair follicles to settle in the hair smoothly, thicken thin hair, strengthen hair roots, and prevent hair falls.

Patients can combat many hair problems with this treatment, boost inactive bulbs, nourish the hair follicles, and remove dandruff. Experienced specialists perform this treatment, whose primary goal is to nurture the hair follicles to settle in the hair smoothly, thicken thin hair, strengthen hair roots, and prevent hair falls. The healthcare provider chooses the accurate composition for the medication based on the hair problem of the patient. One advantage is patients have to pay consistent prices for the treatment with an intended outcome. But the most significant advantage of this treatment is Mesotherapy can treat almost any hair problem.

Mesotherapy is very useful for both scalp and hair. Experts consider this treatment one of the most widely used techniques in modern cosmetology in combating different hair troubles. The procedure involves tiny droplets of medications through injections all over the scalp, which improves hair growth. There are different types of injection cocktails having botanical extracts consisting of botanical stem cells’ growth factor.

What are the benefits of undergoing the Mesotherapy treatment?

People can only realize the need to undergo hair treatment when they are in situations where their curls get damaged with extreme hair loss, causing hair thinning. Some cosmetic procedures, such as mesotherapy, can bring productive solutions to overcome these hair problems. The following are some benefits of hair Mesotherapy treatment

Safe and Pain-free

Mesotherapy is far safer than other invasive and surgical treatments for treating severe hair problems. Also, it usually does not leave any damage to the tissues of the treated areas and performs the job it has to do.

Improving the scalp immunity

If patients are curious about the effectiveness of the treatment, then they can get easy assurance that the treatment is effective and works very well. Mesotherapy is the perfect solution for hair fall. When a hair specialist combines the treatment with PRP or platelet-rich plasma, the productivity and efficacy are excellent and give an out-and-out solution for hair problems.

Effective hair problem solution

Hydration is a crucial factor for any skin type. Mesotherapy especially keeps the skin hydrated and boosts the moisture content, making it look healthy, firm, and plump.

Reducing inflammation in the scalp

The hair problem treatment starts by treating the inflammation in the scalp. Experts perform Mesotherapy for hair problems to treat micro-inflammation in the scalp. So if any patient is experiencing heavy dandruff or itchiness, doctors assure that the Mesotherapy will help them with the right solution, taking care of their condition and reviving the scalp into getting healthier and thicker.

Procedures of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy is a hair treatment based on the principle that the right amount of nutrition will stimulate the growth of the hair and rejuvenate the scalp. Thus, experts inject nutrients into the scalp with several beneficial substances like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other vital medications. Each injection contains a mixture of these components. Experts individually select the amount during the mixture for each patient depending on the condition or requirement. They mix two to six active ingredients in each injection.

Patients have to visit the healthcare center, seek advice from the hair specialist about the treatment, and proceed further. There are many points that patients must know before undergoing the treatment, such as side effects, who should not, advantages, disadvantages, and so on. Experts of the healthcare center will consult all these points with the patient and prepare them for the treatment. Doctors advise patients to avoid alcohol and drugs before the treatment to circumvent complications.

Who should not undergo the treatment?

Experts suggest that patients with the following health problems or conditions should not undergo mesotherapy:

  • Patients having allergies to any of the components used in the treatment
  • Patients who are pregnant or lactating
  • Patients with diabetes, kidney, liver, or cardiac problems should avoid such procedures
  • Patients who are on anticoagulants
  • Most importantly, any patients with lesions, wounds, or infections in the treatment area should avoid the procedures as these can further the problem causing severe complications

Cost of Mesotherapy

The cost of every cosmetic surgery depends on the type of condition, ingredients used, amount of medications, and severity. The cost might vary depending on the number of sessions. Since Mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment and does not include surgery, thus patients have to pay the treatment cost from their pockets as insurance companies usually do not cover it.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy

A study demonstrates Mesotherapy has late-onset side effects for alopecia, and patients with androgenetic alopecia underwent hair loss after earlier uneventful Mesotherapy sessions for one year. Further, patients having allergies to any of the components used in the treatment might experience itching, but the treatment has no severe side effects. Patients must ensure they undergo the treatment under an experienced, trained, and expert practitioner to avoid complications and side effects.


We hope this article has given all the crisp ideas on how to treat different hair problems with Mesotherapy treatment. In recent years, this technique of implanting hair has gained immense demand due to its intense benefits and fewer complications. These unique features of Mesotherapy attract people the most.